My Story...

The Breakdown

I was born and raised in London (UK) but at 12 years old we moved to the Caribbean so that we could have a better life there. It was my mother’s dream and my stepfather was in love with the picturesque, sunny island that is called St.Lucia. Life was good. We had massive houses, land, cars and went to the best schools but at the heart of my family was a feeling of resentment that was tearing us apart. My grandparents accused my mother and stepfather of stealing the house we lived in from them! It wasn’t true but we soon learned that even un-truths spread like wild fire. This was the downside of living on such a tiny island.

The dream was over. My grandmother had been my mother’s rock and to spread such a vicious lie tore my family into shreds; taking my mother and stepfather’s marriage with it. My mother became sick and depressed and all the stress meant that she couldn’t remember a thing she had learnt in law school. I would come home after school to my mother lying on the floor. She had overdosed or tried to commit suicide in one way or another. She had come out of the wreckage of her first husband’s demise (my real father) with a house of her own, savings and a law degree with honours and thought she would live the Caribbean dream...yet she felt she couldn’t go on.

To make matter’s worse, I was convinced that someone was doing witchcraft against us. My mum suffered with terrible migraines and I was sure it was due to envy. At night, I could hear frightening noises on the roof like a chariot of horses and always felt a strange presence and funny smells in my room. My mother would burn incense to drive away evil and I sought counsel from my St Lucian friends on how to break the spells on us. They told me that I should put salt or sand in a pot by my door and no evil would be able to enter without counting every grain. I did it. They told me to put garlic and salt in the four quarters of our land and at every window – I did it. But it didn’t work.

The Breakthrough

One night I woke up to someone strangling me. I was gagging but no one was there – but I could feel I was choking. I tried to pull the hands off but I could feel nothing. In panic I started reciting the ‘Lord’s Prayer’ and it worked! It was gone. My mother confided in my aunt and she gave my mother a prayer to put at the door – and this worked also! A man who was rumoured to dabble in evil always used to come and visit my stepfather but from the moment that prayer was put at the door he would make his excuses – he couldn’t come in!

After years of tears, arguments, rifts and fights my mother started becoming sick – her knees would seize up in the middle of the night, she lost all feeling on one side of her head and she developed a problem with her oesophagus that doctors said would kill her. My sister Sherene sent her a pillowcase from London and told her to sleep with it every night. We had so many problems that we didn’t question such a random gift. However, from the first night she used it, my mother slept all through the night, without attacks or insomnia.

In the meantime, I became rebellious. I locked myself in my room, crying, listening to music all day and depressed. I couldn’t get along with my stepfather anymore. Everything he did annoyed me and I took the opportunity to speak my mind. I was so rude. The last thing I remember is being on the floor, covering my head as he kicked and punched me. He was so angry with me. I hated him after that and hated my mother for staying with him. I started to think of ways that I could kill him…

I started to miss my real father (who had committed suicide when I was a baby). My family was so broken by now. My sisters were depressed – one was always ill and strange things would happen to her like movements in her room and the ceiling falling on her whilst she slept. And the other would stay out all night with friends, drinking, smoking, joining gangs and cutting herself.

In a bid to make my mum happy again, my stepfather sent her to London on holiday to see my sisters (who had stayed to finish their education). She came back a different person. She was happy; she had found something there that was worth selling up and going back for. My eldest sister had been attending the UCKG and praying for my family every Thursday. She told my mum that the Pastor had anointed the pillowcase for 7 weeks. She invited my mum to the UCKG and the first Pastor she met told her all of her problems just by looking at her!

When she returned to the Caribbean she sat my stepfather and I down and told us that she wanted to move back to London. She had found help.

We left everything and moved back to London because my mother wanted to go back to the place where she had found such peace. We started attending the church but couldn’t get past my grandparents’ lies and I couldn’t get past the huge grudge against my stepfather. After counselling and guidance from the Pastors and learning that God was actually alive and willing to help me if I used my faith, God pieced my family back together. One by one, they all started coming to the church and shed all the problems that plagued them. My relationship with my stepfather was restored once I learnt how to forgive.

Today my family have genuine peace. They are a blessing from God and every single one of us have had our own special experience with Him. Before this point, I imagined God as an old man sitting on a throne in heaven watching the world go by. How wrong I was! He is willing to help anyone who will act their faith in Him. Now, every time we laugh and joke and spend time in each other’s company, we remember where God has taken us from...


Anonymous said...

Gemma,ALL THE GLORY TO GOD! wow! this can NEVER be the work of a man! Tears of joy, were filling my eyes when reading this! Continue to SHINE, FOR HIS glory, many kisses xx (I am happy to have you as my sister t, csl :-D) Anneka

Gemma Leon UK said...

Thanks my love! x

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