Ready to Uncover your Scars?

For those of you who have read the Francine Rivers book 'An Echo in the Darkness' you will understand how powerful this story of faith and genuine servitude is.

Throughout the book, the Christian slave Hadassah is forced to come to terms with everything that she has been concealing under her veils for so long: the terrible trauma of surviving the lions in the arena, the scars, her new handicap and the pain of being in love with someone she could never have. As we see in this story, God never allows us to avoid our fears and sooner or later circumstances will make us face them. He wants us to deal with our issues, not sweep them under the carpet.

When I came to the church I was so happy to find out all the wonderful promises God had and the new life He was willing to build for me. In my excitement I sought Him like I never had…but a few years down the line He made me realise that I hadn’t dealt with traumas that had affected me for so long. I was only a youth but I had a lot of baggage - the biggest and heaviest was the fact that my father had killed himself when I was a baby. The other, was being kicked and punched to the floor by my stepfather. The other was being cheated on by my first love. You know what I mean?

Throughout my walk in faith, situations would occur that would force me to think about it but the painful past was too much to deal with, so I avoided it. However, one day God forced me to “go back to Julia’s house” - it was Julia that had sent Hadassah to be killed by the lions - and come to terms with all the pain, emotional wounds and issues that I had carried for so long. It wasn’t pretty and getting rid of years of baggage took months… but I got there. Now I am free. So free, that I write blogs and articles to help women who are just like me and some who are not so blessed...

It is not a testimony until you have gotten past it. So, come to terms with it. Deal with the baggage that you have held onto for so long. You know, the elephant in the room that no one talks about (?). Perhaps it’s the fact that you don’t even know where your dad is or that your mother never showed you any affection. It may be that you were abused,
 or rejected so many times you lost count. Whatever it is, uncover your veil and let God help you to understand that your scars are a testament of your survival, not of your downfall. You can’t change your past but you can change someone’s present, or future…through your testimony.